Alone? Not anymore, now I am with you.

Last week I was invited by some friends to join the Hidden point surf competition, in Pacitan. So Sunday, I woke up at 6am, left from Tawangmangu (mountain) directly to beach, and after a 3 hours ride with the Honda I was there. First question: “Sentiri mas?” (Alone man?), because for indonesian people is unthinkable to go somewhere or to do something alone, always in group. Anyway I told them that now I am not alone, I am with them.

What I like in Pacitan is that in general people are more relaxed when they see a bule (foreigner) so you don’t feel like all the eyes are on you and usually they don’t ask you if they can take a photo with you. Sometimes, for me, this: “Misterrr, misterrr can I take a photo with you?” is so annoying that I just want to stay in the house and don’t get out on the street. And is never just 1 photo, is one more and then one more and after others see it and they want the same, waduuuh. A friend of mine, tall blonde guy (in my opinion he should be more visible than me), told me that while walking behind me on the street he saw how people turn their heads and stare at me. I really don’t understand why this bule thing is so fascinating for them.

Anyway the event was good, nice people, good vibes, good music (almost all reggae). Finally I was to an event here and I enjoyed every song. One thing that I really like in Indonesia is that you can sing and dance when you feel like and how you feel like and nobody looks strange at you. It doesn’t matter where you are on scooter, in the bus, in the market. So imagine now a beach with good reggae music and everybody singing with Bob Marley and dancing, 8 hours, is my first time that I experience this in Indonesia thaw.

A funny thing happend, almost at the end of the contest a boy came to me and asked me if he can take a photo… I stopped listen to him in the moment he said photo, not agaaain. I told him later because now I have to do photos, I was hopping that he would forget. But no, after 1 hour he was back, but he wanted something different not just a photo. He had a clothing brand and he wanted me to pose as a model with some of his t-shirts. I asked him why me, he told me that he liked my beard, fair enough I say. Shit is hard in front of the camera, I feel so much better as a photographer, at some point I took the photographer’s camera to adjust the settings. After I found out that his brand is somehow big in Indonesia, so if you see photos with me don’t laugh yeahhh?

The night continued on a friend’s terrace, near the sea in the middle of the rice fields. Small group of friends having fun and play some music. It’s amazing how everybody here knows how to play at least 1 instrument and in every house you can find a guitar and jembe. Once one guy told me that in Indonesia you are not man enough if you don’t know how to play guitar. I felt asleep on the terrace under the moon light, and as I told you in the last post I woke up around midnight, with an idea for a light painting photo. Did it and then back to sleep.

Surfer buoy.
Thank you guys for your smiles and good vibes.

If anything resonates within you, if anything about this gives you goosebumps, follow and suport this project, trevolta crowd funding camapaign here, or just donate directly


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