24 hours in Morocco.

Sorry for taking you out of Indonesia but I wanted to share with you Chefchaouen, Morocco.

In september 2010, I was with a group of friends in Marbella, Spain. The company, that I was working for, had a vacation house there, so I called all my friends to go and stay there for 1 week. During that week one of them (Radu) had the idea to go for 24 hours in Morocco, to visit Chefchaouen the blue village. I didn’t knew nothing about Chefchaouen or Morroco, but it sounded crazy enough to do it.

Only 5 of us decided to go. Bus, ferry, taxi (5 of us plus the driver in an old Mercedes Cobra) and 8 hours later we were there. It was my first contact with an arabic culture and I was impressed. This 24 hours out of our known area, into an unfamiliar culture were enough to change our view on life (as cheesy as it sounds). What we saw and what we lived there it can’t be described, an mix of fear, happiness, paranoia, enthusiasm. This is what we saw.

After this short trip I returned to Morocco for 3 times and each time this sense of adventure, of go in the unknown grow in me/in us. The longest trip was a 9 days trip from north to south (Fez, Marrakech, desert) by train. But that’s another story.

If anything resonates within you, if anything about this gives you goosebumps, follow and suport this project, trevolta crowd funding camapaign here  http://www.trevolta.com/travels/lost-in-east-24407, or just donate directly


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