The last of the Mechanics.

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For several months, since I bought my motor, I am searching for a good mechanic in Indonesia. In my experience until now, they fix 1 think and by the time you get home you find 2 more new things that you have to fix. Or you give them the motor and after 2 hours they give it back  to you working, but with 2 extra screws that nobody knows where from. So after 9 months I gave up, thinking that probably mechanic it’s an extinct specie in Indonesia or maybe here is to hot for them to survive.

One week ago a friend invited me to see some old motor bikes. Ariel and Harley Davidson  from the ’60, one motor bicycle from ’38 and an old Jeep from Second World War. Amazing machines and all working, so I asked him who’s the service guy. Yesterday night we visited the mechanic, with the though of taking a look at my Honda, change the chain and maybe some minor fixing.  He started the motor and very calm he said “Suarnya kurang bagus mas” which is “It doesn’t sound to good man”. Half a hour later the engine was out and in thousands of pieces.  Yuhuuu, that’s something new, usually it takes forever. He worked until 12 in the night, cleaning all the parts with the patience of an old Chinese. So I’m amazed that I finally found a mechanic that seems to know his stuff. Aaaaand it seems that the previous mechanic did a pretty shitty job, so long story short I need to change a lot. But they are coll guys so they where singing to me “every little thing will be alright” (live Bob Marley for me) . You have to  understand that no matter what, everybody, anywhere and at anytime sing in Indonesia. One guy said to me that in Indonesia if you can’t play guitar you are not man enough. I didn’t found out yet which are the qualities for being an awesome woman.

Today I pass by there again to see how are the things going, so breaking news he’s working only during the night after his daily job and it will take him around 3 days, I hope. One of the first things that I bumped into in Indonesia is their perception about time, they have this quote “jam karet” which is something like rubber time,”besok” which they translate with tomorrow but actually is sometimes in the near future and “santai santai mas” which is relax. So if you have to meet someone, prepare to wait around 1 hour, if they say something starts at a specific hour, you can go 1 hour later for sure it didn’t started yet, this happens in 9o% of the cases, for the others 10% you have to act Indonesian, “Sorry I had to do something important before” or “I though it’s Indonesian time”.

We went also for a short photo session with the Jeep before sunset, and I got “paid” for my photos in some spare parts that I need for the Honda, good enough.

If anything resonates within you, if anything about this gives you goosebumps, follow and suport this project, trevolta crowd funding camapaign here, or just donate directly

It seems that I miss my Honda so much that I started to watch our last video at least 10 times a day.


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