Post election happiness sindrome.

Today was election day in democratic Indonesia. The race is between the ex-mayor of Solo and an ex-commander of special forces. And I stop here with the politic facts.

What was interesting was the way people manifested their joy. It didn’t matter that the result will be announced in 1 or 2 days, they were out celebrating, something, in the purest Indonesian style. But what’s the Indonesian style you may ask, is very simple:

  • take out the exhaust pipe form your scooter to be sure everybody will hear you
  • put all your family or friends on it
  • wear ear plugs
  • go out on the street and join the others
  • accelerate in a certain rhythm in order to produce a song (check the video under the photos)
  • do this for 5 hours

Got to love them.

Special forces were out on stand-by, just in case.

Here is a short video that I recorded, be careful turn down your volume.

Election day in Solo.

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