It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.

As a programmer I was always asked for time estimation. My rule was simple, just double the time that I thought it will take, and it worked in 90% of cases. But Indonesia is not Europe and old motorbike modification is not programming.

For 9 months I am planning to build a rack but I’ve never found the time to do it. Four days ago I was looking for a small shop on the side of the road to help me build it, but they all said that they are very busy, yeah sure in Indonesia… And when I finally gave up and said fuck it I go with the backpack on my back, out of nowhere a old rack appear and a friend spoke with somebody to help me do the modifications. What appear to be a 4 hours job, took us for ever, you know just the usual stuff: lost in translation, or that doesn’t fit, or we don’t have this part, or just simple misunderstandings. I’ll never forget their words: “Santai saja mas” (Chill man). But it felt nice to work with the grinder and other power tools again. Thanks Ramone again for all the help.

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving. So again a big THANK YOU to all my 25 backers, in the next month if you’ll hiccup is probably me thinking of how awesome you are and invested in my dream.

Time to pack. Have good day.


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