Road, Temple, School, Village, Bali.

Finally I left. Some friends wanted to join me for the first week of this trip, but when the day come nobody was ready. So I took the decision to leave alone. Sunday, 13 july, 11:00 am I left from Solo. The plan was to reach Bali, 600 km in 2 days. First day was a competition between me and rain. Several times out of nowhere clouds appeared on the sky and they started to follow me, but I had with me my rain gear. The first day I wanted to sleep at a temple, Rambut Monte, in Kelud Volcano. I reached the last city before tacking the mountain road  around 5:3o pm, sunset time and I got lost, the first time, somewhere I took a wrong turn. So I stop in a petrol station to check the google.maps and take a photo of the sky. The workers asked me if I want “buka puasa” (first meal of the day). It’s ramadan and they eat first time after the sunset. So I took a break with them, eat some village food and find out what road should I get. Don’t know why but the last 3-4 nights was really cold, I needed to put my warm clothes. I stopped several times on the road to ask for directions.  I was a little worried cause after 8-9 there are not so many people out, so I was scanning in the dark for people around their houses. If you don’t pronounce the word correctly they don’t understand you, I was repeating several times and finally when they understand “Aaaaaa Rambut Monte”, yeaaa what was I saying? It seems that Indonesian are scared to drive in the in the forest during night time, they all told me that the road will pass a forest.

Around 10:00 pm I finally reached the place, I stopped in the parking lot and from a nearby house I heard a girl calling here dad. It was the temple security guy, a 10 minutes discussion, the usual questions: “Asli dimana” (where are you from), where I come from, where I go, what I do Indonesia… After the short interview I asked to enter the temple for some photos, he agree. It felt good to stay and relax 1 hour near the temple’s lake. It seems that the Goddess of the lake liked my sunglasses, I dropped them in the lake and the next morning when I was looking for them they were not there anymore. A small price to pay to be accepted. The first night I made my bed (sleeping bag) on a bench in the parking lot.

Monday morning the kids form the nearby school woke me up at 6:00 am. The first day of school, so I stayed with them to take some photos.


The road going down was beautiful, in the mountains surrounded  by forest or sawa (rice fields). As I was descending from the mountains is started to be more crowded, polluted and boring. I was really pushing my bike and myself to make it to Bali before sunset. Big road, full with trucks, cars and bikes, crazy road, as they don’t really respect the rules. I reached Banyuwangi around 8 pm, a small rain started and directly took the ferry to Bali. Really tired I stopped to eat something and then search for a place to sleep. After 2 km I spotted a small road, I follow it for 300 m and there was a pendopo and a Hindu temple in the middle of the forest. Parked there, made my bed and took some photos. I heard some strange noises from the forest, wasn’t feeling really comfortable, but as the noises where getting closer some cows appear from the woods, ok nice, go to sleep.

The next day I drive for 1 hour and then stopped for a breakfast, Indonesian style, rice, vegetables, chicken. I took it to bungus (in the bag) and I’ve found a nice beach to eat. Just when I finished my breakfast the local fishermans were coming back from the sea. So I stay with them for a short chitchat.

I continued my road to a homestay in Canggu, North Kuta to meet a friend. Now I am blocked here, because some guys from the homestay left in a trip for 3 days and accidentally took my helmet. Enough time for relaxing and exploring this part of Bali. Today wasn’t my best day, I was checking the motto to see how is it and I broke my right mirror, ok good job Adrian, and later some dogs chew my trekking sandals, my only pair of shoes.

One thing that I observed is that my mind is constantly thinking, I was riding and instead of enjoying the road I was making plans, or worry about some stupid things. But it’s all good I am still alive and I know is a process.


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