Stuck in Bali for 4 days.

Around 6:00 am:

“- Do you know whose helmet is this?”

“- Aaaaam, you can take it.”

I remember hearing this words during my morning sleep, but being to lazy I didn’t woke up to see what helmet they were talking about. 4 hours later when I finally decided to move out of bed I was going  directly to see if my helmet is still there and surprise surprise, it disappeared. Some guests of the homestay, left for a 3-4 days trip in north of Bali and took my helmet.

So the first day I didn’t even move out of the homestay, I just enjoyed the hammock and the shadow of the coconuts tree. In the next 3 days I was out exploring the surroundings (Canggu area), trying to be out of the main tourist path, in order to see a bit of the other side of Bali. Here is what I saw: temples, beaches, rice fields, locals working the land, mansions in front of rice fields,  graffiti, bensin sold in Absolut vodka bottles… until now the biggest gap between the two worlds, that I saw in Indonesia so far.

This 4 days where exactly what I needed, enough time for me to calm down to reflect on the first 2 days of the journey and to see that I was in a fucking race and didn’t fully enjoyed my trip so far. My mind set was wrong, constantly thinking forward about what can happen, checking like a mad man how many km I did in last hour, how many I still have and didn’t take the time to enjoy the ride, the heavy traffic and the pollution of Java. Thanks to all the friends from the hostel, especially Silvie for being there and make me realize how I build my own misery.



One thought on “Stuck in Bali for 4 days.

  1. with pleasure!
    Thanks to you too. Your photos are really showing what is Indonesia… Thank you to “promote” so beautifully my beloved country.
    Cium besar!

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