Expect nothing and then you’ll enjoy it for sure.

-What time is it? 9:10 am, ooops I’m late.”

The plan that I’ve made yesterday was:

Wake up at 7:00 am, do the luggage, say by to everybody and around 8:00 am go. Cross Bali from west to east – 2 hours, arrive in Padang Bai port around 10:30 am. Take the slow ferry for Lembar, Lombok another 4 hours. Drive 1 hour until Bangsal, north-west Lombok and around 5 pm take the last boat to Gili Meno.

How actually was my day:

It’s Sunday and I deserve a lazy morning. Very slow I packed everything, enjoyed a coffee with the guys and left the homestay around 11:00 am. After just 30 min the clutch lever broke in 2 pieces, why? because probably it was to old, don’t forget I am driving an ’82 Honda. The good thing was that I quickly invented something on the spot so I could still drive. Because Bali is more populated than Lombok maybe is better to change it here, but shit is Sunday and the service shops are closed. After 1 hour I’ve spotted  one open, they didn’t had exactly the same lever but good enough, now I don’t have a left mirror anymore. The mechanic was so bad that I took the tools and changed it be myself. I have this theory that in Indonesia when you go to a mechanic they fix 1 thing and brake another 2. Finally I reached the harbor around 1 pm, and  it was full with people, trucks and scooters. Next on the menu, waiting 2 hours under the sun for the ferry. 3 pm finally on the ferry. The 4 hours trip which was 5 hours wasn’t so bad, relax on the top deck, take some photos, make some friends and stay up to date with the news, like do you know that yesterday a ferry like this burned near the harbor and everybody had to jump in the water?

8:15 pm we reached Lembar, what to do? I don’t really like to drive during night but I didn’t feel like I wanted to stay in Lembar also. Bought some gas stopped to eat something and then directly to Bangsal. The road between Lembar and Mataram wasn’t to interesting, but between Mataram and Bangsal  I was driving for 1 hour under the moon light with the sea 10 m in my left, really enjoy it. Around 10:00 pm I reached Bangsal which looked like a ghost town, really spooky, almost nobody on the street, so I took the decision to go back to a beach to put my hammock.

On the way back I saw under some coconut trees 3 lights and some guys playing something. Hmmm, curious by nature I stopped and went there to look what are they doing. The guys were very friendly and we started to discuss about my trip and their game. The name of the game was gancing and is played with big spinners made from wood. There where 2 teams from 2 different villages, it was like a friendly match before the big competition. They actually have something like a championship and almost each village from Lombok has a team. One team lays the spinners down and the other team attacks the spinners trying to make them stop. The team that has the last spinner moving is the winner. The game is really intense, at some point a spinner flew in the air a few meters almost hitting me.

Around 1 am one of my new friends, Berry, asked me where I sleep, I totally forgot about this, I don’t know, he invited me in his house. The house was small so I had put my sleeping bag outside under a small pendopo (shelter) and after another 1 hour of stories  about how everything started 10 years ago in Gili, parties, drugs, tourists I felt asleep.

The first day in this trip when I was relaxed and I took it easy as it comes, enjoying every moment and it turned out to be so much better. Just before falling asleep this came to my mind: “If the clutch lever didn’t broke, if the ferry wasn’t late, if… I would have missed this guys playing gancing and I wouldn’t meet Berry and I wouldn’t hear his stories about Gili and parties and I wouldn’t be sleeping under this pendopo. Just take it as it comes.”
Thanks Berry for all your help.

If anything resonates within you, if anything about this gives you goosebumps, follow and suport my project here.


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