We call it heaven, they call it home.

mapA friend of mine was volunteering on Gili Meno island, and she “forced” me to go and help them for 4 days. They were building an eco frienly hostel, so my paradise for this 4 days involved getting my hands dirty building stuff and some sessions of snorkeling instead of shower, not bad. The most interesting was the locals reaction when they saw us bule (foreigners) working there. A local even asked me: “Why are those 2 girls, that studied medicine, working in Indonesia?”, the girls didn’t knew what to answer.


The rhythm of life is like in Jawa, dictated by the sun and mosque. 4:30 in the morning is the first mosque call and locals start their day. Around 11:30 another call and because outside is so hot everything stops until 2:40, the next mosque call. The last call is after sunset, around 6:50, and until 8 everybody is inside their houses.

One day I skipped work and I walked around the island, mainly to see how the locals live. It always works, you say something in indonesian and they are amazed “iheee, uaaa kamu bica bahasa indonesia” (you know indonesian), best friends forever. I stopped to speak with them several times, and my new record for the longest conversation in indonesian is around 15 minute, at some point everything became unintelligible sounds. In the next photos you can see the people that I’ve met and what I saw in 1 day in Gili Meno. (the last 2 photos are with the Milky Way)

Don’t forget this journey is about me and my passion for photography. I want to connect with the people that I meet on the road, local people or other travelers, photograph them, capture the essence of their beings, the essence of their lives. And in the end if is possible I would like to publish a photobook that hopefully will have the power to inspire the wanderer that resides in all of us. Maybe it will help give some people the courage to get out of their comfort zones and live their dreams of traveling the world. Here is how we can help each other https://lostineast.wordpress.com/goodies/.


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