Lost in east, the journey continues.

Thank you again to all the people that backed and followed my journey until now. My plan was to finish the photo book and send the goodies to my backers by the end of this year. But things didn’t go as I expected, is Indonesia and usually things takes a lot more time here, a lot more. So I want to apologize to my backers that they wont receive for Christmas my photo book, but don’t despair next year the goodies will be delivered, that’s the good news. Maybe is better like this, you will start the year with an inspiring story.

And the super good news is that the journey continues, further east. Watch this short animation for more details.

Thanks Paolo Rossi for the soundtrack of the animation and also for being one of the best house mates. You can listen his album at http://queenspectra.bandcamp.com/album/rattigan-glumphoboo, I recommend it, the guy does amazing stuff. You can also find were his mind is by reading his blog: http://theldgu.tumblr.com/ and he has also a record label www.lilpitch.com.

Thanks Tessa Moult-Milewska also for the help with animation,  you can see her animation at www.essamoultmilewska.com.

I need to end here because in 2 hours I’m leaving and I didn’t packed yet. Have a good time and be present.



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