Cantik, Tinggi and Rambut visit Maluku.

mapBack in December, last year, I was telling you that the journey continues. This time not on land but on water. Together with 2 friends we headed towards Maluku archipelago. Two lazy months wondering around the islands of Maluku off the beaten tracks, jumping form beach to beach, from island to island enjoying life with no roof above our heads. Backpacking, big boats (+1000 persons), small wooden boats, hitchhiking, trucks, scooters, beaches, hammocks, sun, storms, tent, snorkeling, coconuts, sopi (local alcohol), sunsets, sunrises, music ……. and FRIENDLY LOCALS, you know that kind of adventure, my kind.

Don’t you dare even think about being jealous because life sucks sometimes even if you are in this “paradise”. For example – in this journey I got an infection and temperature and the doctors didn’t know why, for 4 days we were traveling on a boat (the mighty Kelimutu) with +1000 Indonesian sleeping wherever they could on the deck, eating only rice with something that looked like fish, while traveling with a small wooden boat an 1 hour rain started that completely soaked us, for 2 days we were eating only instant noodles, sometimes we were sleeping directly in the port under a shelter, all our clothes and equipment were full of sand, we survived a cockroach invasion and many more. I don’t speak often about these because they are part of the experience and you have to get used to them if you want to travel out of the touristic path, what the heck, now I am laughing when I remember all this.

And don’t you think that I have a lot of money, because I don’t. I have a small scholarship 50$ a month, still got some savings from the time I was working and I got some people that liked my work and supported me by buying my photo book and prints – thank you again (if you have no idea what I am talking about take a look at my  goodies page For example this trip cost me 500$, 2 months for 500$, 2 months of adventure of meeting new people, 2 months of discovering new parts of the world and myself.

And don’t you think I am special, I am not. I am just a ordinary guy that when he was a child dreamed to see places, meet people, get in contact with cultures from the other parts of the world, I am still a child.

Hats off for the locals that we meet on the road, thank you for sharing your food with us, your bed, your cars, your boats, your stories, your beach, your thoughts … some of you redefined the term of hospitality.

Why the title of this post “Cantik, Tinggi and Rambut visit Maluku”? Because the locals gave us nicknames. Cantik – the Pretty one (Tessa), Tinggy – the Tall one (Bartek, yeah he is 2 m tall) and Rambut – The Hairy one (me, Adrian, and yeah this is my natural hair).

Enough talk, enjoy a few moments of what we experienced. Filmed by me and Tessa, edited by Tessa, color corrected by me.


After this experience I know for sure that my favorite travels are of when there is no expectation, no line of backpacker zombies doing the same thing as each guide book more or less draws them too. I kinda like the more independent, less tour based and I admit more sketchy off the beaten track travel. For me, there is a bigger sense of appreciation for this kind of travel, it’s more challenging, more locally orientated and more personal. You are you. You do your thing. And that kind of travel may just be experiencing the life of the place. Rather than doing everything that is ‘beautiful’ or a ‘must see’.

Share with your friends our story, it will help us – me, you and him.


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