Trailer Siwa and Ora

Great news the trailer of our new project Siwa and Ora, the documentary film about Komdo Island, is out.

And this is our master plan to produce this movie. As you can see a lot has been made but there is still a lot ahead of us. mapp

Our crowdfunding campaign is already on for 30 days now and we are only 18 days (from 10 february 2016) and 1000 Euro away from our target. Al the money that we will raise will go in producing this movie.

We have some unique rewards to say thanks to our backers. Of course we have the Siwa and Ora movie in HD plus a mention in the film credits. We also have a few wooden dragons handcrafted by the people of Komodo Island and pearls that our host, Kaptain Alias personally fished out them from the bottom of the Flores Sea.


Eastwood our friends form Solo, Java Island, Indonesia, also joined our campaign and they send to Europe a few pairs of their unique handmade wooden sunglasses. Please mind, we have only one pair of each kind, as shown below, so first come first serve, sorry ;).


And the reward dedicated from us – Tessa’s film debut from 2015 (thanks to the courtesy of the producer –  the Film Studio of Andrzej Munk in Warsaw).Creatures (Kreatury) will not be online for a long time, as it’s touring the festivals at this moment. We will send you a DVD of Creatures as well as the Lost in East photobook – a photographic journal of Adrian’s motorbike journey through the Indonesian Islands. You are invited to watch Tessa’s previous animations below and read more about the Creatures.


Please have a look at our  crowdfunding page: for complete info. Support and share this project with others, helps us make it happened.

One last thing, I want to say thank you for believing in us to all our supporters, hope you’ll be on the list also:

  • Tony Moult
  • Krzysztof Janczak
  • Krzysztof Dziuba
  • Marta Szymanowska
  • Marietta Milewska-Moult
  • Katja Stolbova
  • Raluca Popescu
  • Toby Brown
  • Bogna Pawlowska
  • Adrian Siegle
  • Sorin Dascalu
  • Marta Sieczak
  • Bradut Florescu
  • Karolina Iwańczyk
  • Simina Pasat
  • Dana Manea
  • Bogdan
  • Carmen Pintiliei
  • Cristina Prunescu
  • Ioana Hasan
  • Katarina
  • Miruna Georgescu
  • Catalin Gavrilescu
  • Damian Smug
  • Marius Munteanu
  • Mares Radomir
  • Dagmara Szawdyn
  • Paula Talaba
  • Oana
  • Zachary Peel Mcgregor
  • Agnes Baginska
  • Ka-el
  • Dorina Vasilescu
  • Mihai Kanyaro
  • Diana Pura
  • Hattie Aitken
  • Sylvia Moult
  • Roger Moult
  • Alin Moigradeanu
  • Catalin Gaja
  • Adina Vaitus
  • Hannooka
  • Trevor Moult
  • Raluca Munteanu
  • Sorin Gandila
  • Nicu Hodos
  • Ivan Struk
  • Vlad Danila
  • Iulia Cujba
  • Adrian Stanila
  • Maria/Rusalim Crapciu
  • Anonymous 1
  • Anonymous 2
  • Anonymous 3
  • Anonymous 4
  • Anonymous 5
  • Anonymous 6
  • Anonymous 7

Thanks to all of the organizations listed below for their support in making our Siwa and Ora indiegogo campaign such a success!



Portal Miasto Poznaj:

Legalna Kultura:…

Watch us on the WTK – a Polish TV Station, where we met Maciek to speak about our journey in search of the reptile (In Polish):


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