Lost in East photo-book

More than 2 years ago I took the most irrational decision in my life: “I quit everything and I went to Indonesia” and it proved to be the wisest one.

What happened in these two years beat my wildest dreams. I learned Indonesian language, I traveled 3000 km alone with a motorcycle across five islands, I’ve climbed two active volcanoes, I’ve crushed a royal wedding, I slept on beaches under the stars while camping near fishermen villages in Maluku archipelago, I’ve free-dived with Bajo people – the sea gypsies, I’ve experienced ten days of complete silence, I’ve traveled for five days on a boat with 1000 Indonesians,  for 1 month I lost myself in the tropical forest of Kalimantan along the Kapuas river, I observed environment influence on people behaviors and beliefs, I had a photo exhibition, I survived 1 month eating almost only rice, together with Tessa Moult-Milewska made a documentary about the people living on Komodo Island and probably my favorite experience so far I’ve climbed a coconut tree, at 10 m above the ground with no safety it’s a bit scary.

Yeap that’s me in the coconut tree. Photo by Tessa Moult-Milewska.

By now probably you think I am rich, but really from materialistic point of view I am not. What I understand from all this is that whatever you aspire to do, it comes down to these two things: daring and asking.

Daring because at one point you’ve got to go out, pick a path and believe it’s going to work out, even if there’s a chance it wont.  You also need to remind yourself that if it doesn’t work, it’s okay, failure isn’t a disaster, you just need to find another way.
Asking, because you can’t do everything alone. We’re taught to believe asking is shameful, because it makes us weak, but it’s not true. When I ask, I’ve got your attention. I am made vulnerable, and your equal. From there, I can only be your friend, and you mine. You’ve got to ask for what you want, and hope people and the road will rise up to meet you. They will, I promise.

Since I came back to Europe people encouraged me to share my stories. That’s how LOST IN EAST photo-book was born. The book consist of three photo stories, that takes the viewer in a journey from the mystical volcanoes that tower over the Indonesian landscape and life to the sea level and bellow into the life of fishermen and drags you along the Kapuas river deep in the tropical forest of Kalimantan in the live of the much-feared headhunters tribe the Dayak Iban.

I’ve always believed that photographs truly become “alive” only when they have an audience. So thank you for being with me until now. And if you enjoyed my photo stories so far please consider buying LOST IN EAST photo-book. The photo-book has a recommended price, which means that this is how much I suggest it costs. But I know that we are not all alike, and there are up and down moments in everyone’s life. Nevertheless the lack of money should not block  ones access to information. Saying that you are invited to propose your own price for the photo-book. For orders please contact me at adrian.crapciu@yahoo.com, subject LostInEast photobook.

The LOST IN EAST photo-book is available in two version:

Coffee table book:

  • format size: 30 x 20 cm (landscape)
  • pages: 32, color
  • language: English
  • paper:  250 g/m2
  • cover: hardcover, glossy
  • recommended price: 30 Euro


  • file type: PDF
  • number of pages: 32
  • recommended price: 10 Euro

For orders please contact me at adrian.crapciu@yahoo.com, subject LostInEast photobook.

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