Spain episode 1: Emptiness

We live in this system where stress is present everywhere. At the workplace, in our social life … it’s basically omnipresent. It can be very hard if you don’t have a counter balance to battle it and clear your mind of the anxiety that it brings. My answer to this has always been photography.

In November 2016 together with my partner in crime Mihai from Transylvania Cycling, we embarked on a 1500 km bicycle journey. We pedaled all the way from Barcelona to Malaga, camped outside almost every night and cooked for ourselves. I like the feeling when it’s just me on the road surrounded by the unknown, no distractions, no stress, no expectations. This gives me a feeling of freedom – it somehow liberates me from the system. It makes me more aware of my surroundings and clears my vision – I see things that are normally overlooked or seen as mundane and I enjoy each and every moment on the road usually not really having a plan on where to go but rather stumbling upon things on the way.

Traveling by bike meant that we needed to travel as light as possible. So no DSLR camera for me, just my HTC 10 phone, which to my surprise did a very good job.

This first series from this trip is about the empty and vast landscape of Spain.


In the end I would like to give a shout-out to  HTC Romania and Benjamin, our partners in this trip. Thank you for your trust and being with us.

To be continued.


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