Warsaw moods.

Lately, I observed that whenever I speak with somebody about photography I always mention photo stories. I think during the making of Lost in East photo book I understood how important it is to be able to make photos that are not just individually strong but that also can stick together and tell a compelling story.

In the last year, working as a sports photographer I covered a lot of competitions. The first thing that I like to give back to the organizers, even if they don’t request it, it’s a series of 15-20 shots that tell the story of the event. Of course, I also give them the other 300+ shots but for me, those 15-20 photos are the most important ones.

It’s easy when you know in advance what story you have to follow, but what do you do when you start from zero? Let me explain it: I like to wander around with the camera, I am visually attracted by old buildings, dark tunnels, train stations, towers, river banks, vantage points…. For a long time, I considered this just a training – time when I try new techniques, discover new angles and so on. But recently I started to think if these images can be put together, if they can tell a story?

For me, this is harder because it is more of an interior reflection. I need to go inside and try to understand why these photos speak to me, what emotions do they bring up inside me. The hardest part is to find the story that I want to say. Like this photography becomes a tool to look inside than to look outside.

My first attempt to this kind of abstract story is Warsaw moods. Enjoy.


1/200, f/2.0, ISO 640


1/320, f/2.0, ISO 640


1/100, f/5.0, ISO 1250


1/400, f/6.3, ISO 320


1/80, f/2.5, ISO 320


1/160, f/4.0, ISO 800


1/4000, f/2.5, ISO 160


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