My ’82 Honda

I plan to do this trip with my first motorcycle, a Honda CB 125cc from 1982. When I arrived in Indonesia I was searching for a motorcycle that says something to me. An indonesian friend helped me and we found this old lady sitting in a garage for a while.

I guess she was expecting somebody for a new adventure, and we had a lot of fun. Sometimes I think she’s playing with me, several times she stopped in the middle of a torrential rain, or some mornings she just doesn’t want to start, but she never left me in the middle of nowhere. When I was to Dieng plateau in the search of the kids with the dreads, the road was really bad (almost motocross sections) and very step, she survived that portion, but on the way back just 80 km away from home at 1 o’clock in the night the engine overheated and the piston blow up, but really just in front of a service were the owner surprisingly wasn’t sleeping.

Now she has a new heart, more powerfull than before and ready for some new adventures.

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One thought on “My ’82 Honda

  1. oh yes it does ring a bell!
    The crazy trip from Bandung to Solo, with a high fever and a “dancing” stomach….
    The lady motorbike was good, but the driver wasn’t!

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