Have you ever dreamed of just leaving everything behind and go? Just pick a direction and go, as much as you can, get lost,  until you say enough? I do and I want to make it come true. My plan is not to have a plan. I don’t want to plan where I would sleep or what places should I visit. I want to be opened to any opportunity that appears on my road.

What I know is that I would leave from Surakarta, Indonesia, before mid July. I would take the direction east and try to reach Maumere  (Flores Island, Indonesia). Around 3000 km on motorbyke (see my ’82 Honda) and 5 ferrys. I will pass half of Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores island, if I got time I would try to get to Sumba and west Timor also and than come back by ferry to Surabaya.

mapI would take with me only what  I can put in a backpack, almost half will be full with camera equipment. I would stop on the road every time I feel that I want to stop and spent some hours/days in that place. I don’t want to be a tourist, I don’t need a checklist, I am sure that I would meet the right people on the road to give me tips about places.

The purpose of this journey is to prove that  putting yourself in a vulnerable position exposes you to the beauty of the world and the kindness of people and that anyone can travel, with a little (and a lot) of help.

This journey is also about me and my passion for photography. I want to capture the human experience in this corner of the world. I want to tell you the story of the people that I meet on my road, present you another way of living, different than the one you are used to, different than the one that our society preach.

You can find me also on facebook, my crowdfunding campaign on trevolta or my work on flickr and vimeo.

If anything resonates within you, if anything about this gives you goosebumps, follow and suport this project, trevolta crowd funding camapaign here, or just donate directly


19 thoughts on “Journey

  1. What a beautiful project!
    No goosebumps, but tears in my eyes…

    I remember the time we met, a year ago, for the opening ceremony of the Dharmasiswa Program, and what you told me. This desire to let go, to go out of the comfort zone, to explore not only this part of the world but also and mainly yourself.
    I am so proud of you.
    Proud of what you achieved.
    Proud that you did not give up on the way.

    As you say, we all have this inner voice telling us to go, to take this so called “crazy step”, but few of us do….and few of us keep on this way. The outside world pressure is big, and it’s not always that easy to let go, to simply answer the recurrent questions of “what will you do next?” and “when?” and “where?”, etc. by a simple “I don’t know” attached to a that’s-all-I-have-to-say smile.

    May your trip be filled with amazing encounters, crazy situations that spice up the adventure, no time notion, no barriers of race, gender, religion, mind-setup, and mainly… may you drive all this journey on the road of Love and Compassion for all to see the importance of taking the step.

    Love & Respect

  2. maaan, am văzut ruta nici nu am mai apucat să citesc. SUPER!!! am bagat jawa- sumbawa de câteva ori dacă ai nevoie de vreo informaţie de pe drum dă un semn.
    selamat jalan, Mister!

  3. Adrian, bine ai venit….frumoasa poveste! Eu sunt in Ubud/Bali de cativa ani, tot asa plecata de acasa. Da un semn cand esti in zona, mi-ar place sa ne intalnim. Drum bun si hati hati! Oana

  4. Good luck and enjoy! Three years ago I somehow followed the same route. It took almost 6 months, with long stops in some places.I still have vivid images about those places. I’ll follow your adventure.
    Take care!

  5. I traveled the US and other places like that and it showed me that the “illusion” we live in so malleable when we let go and have no expectations, just feel either positive or negative and it will unfold, when we go to places we know and use plans we actually create boxes and limit it somehow, when free from expectations we actually take a trip inside ourselfs, the outside it’s only a mirror to what is actually going on inside and what stage you are at that moment. IT’S PURE ALCHEMY! Observe everything and learn what you are, what teachings the universe is showing you! Thank you for your courage and dream power! Much love! Namaste!

  6. You travel in a safe country with friendly people, thats why you are brave to do that. Travel in Indonesia doesnt mean you leave your comfort zone, its safe country and many people around will help ya. If you wanna leave your truly comfort zone, make a journey in Africa, South America or at least in China. I bet you are not brave.

    1. I didn’t say I am brave, actually I am scared about this trip also, so many things can happen. Sorry to disappoint you and I am happy that you are braver than me, we all define our comfort zone differently. I hope I’ll push my limits further with this trip. And for your info, I would like to make a journey in those country also, but unfortunately I don’t have the money for this yet. But lets make the bet, you give me the money, I go for the journey and if I am not brave enough and I abandon I give you the money back. Deal?

    2. What a generalization! I personally think there’s no such thing as safe country in this planet. It’s you yourself who got the seponsibility for your own safety. Pretty sure you never make it to the corners of Indonesia

  7. Hey Adrian, I cant be either your sponsor or giving some money to you. I dont find any benefit to me by doing that. Hopefully this journey will bring you to the right path, man. Dont forget to brush your teeth, take shower during the trip and take shampoo too bc seems your hair looks ruined.

  8. Hey Adrian, an amazing adventure is awaiting. Very inspiring. If you will be in Bali, Ubud and if i am still here and have no visitors, i would be happy to offer you to stay at my place. I am a photographer too and would be nice to meet you and have a chat:)

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